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What are superfoods?
Superfoods are foods which are unusually high in nutrients with health promoting properties which may reduce the risk of disease and improve any aspect of physical or emotional health. Superfoods have an unusually high content of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients.
As we are a plant based food company, all our dishes are naturally high in nutrient rich ingredients but we have listed below some of the most potent forms of superfoods and the benefits they offer. You will find these foods particularly evident in our Superfoods Salads.

Black Rice
Black rice has been revered for centuries for its amazing health benefits and in ancient China it was reserved solely for Emporers.
Recently food scientists have discovered that a spoonful of black rice contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than a spoonful of blueberries but with less sugar, more fibre and Vitamin E antioxidants. Anthocyanin antioxidants can help fight cancer, heart disease and lower bad cholesterol.

Quinoa has twice the protein content of rice or barley and is a great source of calcium, magnesium and manganese. It also posesses good levels of several B vitamins, Vitamin E and fibre. Quinoa has an excellent Amino Acid profile as it contains all nine Essential Amino Acids making it a complete protein source.

Lentils are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are a great source of Vitamin K and are very rich in fibre, lean protein, folate and iron.
Lentils are also a very good source of cholesterol lowering fibre and are of special benefit in managing blood sugar levels as the high fibre content prevents blood sugar levels from rapidly rising after a meal. This also satisfies the hunger and helps to reduce apetite.
They are a slow burning complex carbohydrate and can increase energy by replenishing your iron stores.
Lentils have the highest level of protein by weight of any plant based food and they are low in calories and virtually fat free.

Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato is one of the most versatile and healthful vegetables available. Sweet potatoes are ideal whether you are trying to cut down on carbs and lose weight or bulk up and build muscle. They are packed with calcium, potassium and vitamins A and C which have anti inflammatory benefits. They are also Low GI and high in fibre, great for reducing bad cholesterol and stablizing blood sugars. They are high in cancer fighting antioxidants and loaded with energy boosting carbs.

Kale has been hailed as ‘The Queen of Greens’ due to its exceptional nutrient richness and health benefits. It is low in calories, high in fibre, calcium, Vitamins A, C and K as well as being a good source of copper, potassium, iron, manganese and phospherous. Kale is also a great detox food as it is filled with fibre and sulphur which are both great for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy.


Beetroot is great for boosting stamina and making muscles work harder. It contains potassium, magnesium and iron as well as Vitamin A, B6, C and Folic Acid. Beets also contain carbohydrates, protein, powerful antioxidants and soluble fibre. The pigment that gives beetroot its colour – Betacyanin, is an antioxidant which helps lower cholesterol and helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Beetroot can also help reduce blood pressure and associated risks due to the high content of nitrates which produce nitric oxide in the blood which widens blood vessels.


Chickpeas are low in calories, high in fibre and protein and are Low GI which helps you feel full and assists in weight control. They are also high in manganese, folate, copper, iron and zinc. The high content of manganese in chickpeas is important in providing energy production and antioxidant defences.

Chia Seeds
They are undeniably one of the best superfoods, have a look at these facts-
2.5 times more protein than kidney beans
3 times the antioxidant strength of blueberries
3 times more iron than spinach
6 times more calcium than milk
7 times more Vitamin C than oranges
8 times more Omega 3 than salmon
10 times more fibre than rice
15 times more Magnesium than broccoli

Pomegranate Seeds
Many studies have shown that pomegranate is one of the most powerful nutrient dense foods for overall good health. Punicalagin is only found in pomegranates, it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and increases the speed at which heart blockages melt away. It is the most powerful antioxidant of all fruits and is believed to be beneficial in relieving or protecting against depression and also osteoporosis.

Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)
Pumpkin seeds are the only seed that is alkaline forming 100 grams of seeds provide 54% of the daily requirement of protein. They are also a great source of Vitamin B nutrients and Vitamin B6 and folates. They also contain the chemical component L-tryptophan which helps boost mood and fights depression.

Sunflower Seeds
Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of Vitamin E which is the body’s primary fat soluble antioxidant. They are also a good source of magnesium which helps reduce the severity of asthma, lowers blood pressure, prevents migraines and also reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes.

In addition to containing the most antioxidants of all nuts, they also have a high content of Alph –Linolenic acid (ALA) which is a type of Omega 3 fat. One quarter cup of walnuts provides nearly 91 % of the daily recommended value of this healthy fat. Omega 3 fats help protect against heart disease, stroke and a wide range of illnesses. Walnuts also have anti inflammatory benefits.

Almonds are an excellent source of protein and healthy monunsaturated fats. They help reduce surges in blood sugar levels which helps prevent or manage Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. The high level of antioxidants also help to fight damage from free radicals.
*please note almonds form the base of our fetta cheese

Cashews have a lower fat content than most nuts and the fat they do contain - Oleic Acid, is extremely healthy and is the same heart healthy fat found in olive oil which promotes good cardiovascular health. Cashews high copper content fights against free radicals, promotes good skin and hair health. Their good source of phytochemicals and antioxidants helps protect us from heart disease and cancers.
*pease note cashews form the base of our ricotta cheese and roasted garlic white sauce